We know there are a lot of changes occurring in businesses across the globe, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. One change for many mental health professionals is a switch to tel-mental health services.  This can be part of your website’s copy that lets potential clients know you are still open to receiving new client but right now it will be through tele-mental health.

We also know that you may be having to make quick changes about starting your business or getting the tools needed to move forward.  We would like to share a few resources that have been shared with us. We found them to be quite helpful. There are many other resources to choose from. These are not the only choices but are ones we would like to share with you.


1. Free tele-mental health training for those who have not taken it yet. Provided by the American Psychological Association. https://apa.content.online/catalog/product.xhtml?eid=15132&eid=1921


1. JotForm  – They have a HIPAA compliant plan. You can use form templates, create your own forms from scratch, or create your own forms from PDF forms you’ve created or have access to. Clients are able to provide written signatures using their finger on touchscreen devices like their phones, computers, or tablets or use a mouse on computers.

JotForm  sent out a notice last week that they were allowing COVID-19 healthcare workers/responders  to have free unlimited HIPAA  accounts until August 2020, for new account users. Read about and take a look at what they offer https://www.jotform.com/corona-responder-program/ 


1. VSee.com

2. Doxy.me

3. Zoom.us – healthcare option 

4. ReGroup – based on the Zoom platform

5. TheraNest – telehealth option (w/ account)

6. Simple Practice – telehealth (option w/ account)

7. HIPAA Compliant G Suite then hangouts are legit


1. Landline

2. iPlum app (HIPAA compliant)

3. Spruce

4. phone.com com app (HIPAA compliant)

**Thank you! Kadesha Adelakun, LCSW,  Dr. Mesha Ellis, and Allison Puryear, LCSW for sharing these resources.